Since the beginning of January 2022, there has been a new department at RBcurrency Germany GbR: RBnumisbooks, our self-publisher of numismatic catalogs specializing in banknotes, paper money and other means of payment. As a first publication under the name RBnumisbooks there will be a second edition of a well-known special catalogue.

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The first publication under the name RBnumisbooks is now available!

Three years after the first variant catalog "Spezialkatalog der Deutschen Banknoten Kaiserreich 1874 to 1918" a second edition follows. The response to the first edition was overwhelming - to date, collectors have reported more than 1100 responses to number ranges, watermarks and combinations of block letters. That's more than one message per day!

This has led to a significantly better identification of the individual banknotes. The research has also been intensified in the last three years. A work like this is alive and will also benefit from reports by the collector community in the 2nd edition.

Other novelties of this edition include: official dates of the publications from the German Reichsanzeiger, exact numbers from the annual reports, which show the actual issues of the early notes up to 1876, the 6- and 7-digit variants are no longer listed as separate variants, but at the respective position of the printing sequence. Furthermore, the assignment of the 20 sheet numbers was added to the mourning note and the egg note from 1918, and much more.

The order of the notes still corresponds to the list according to Rosenberg, but the numbering has been adjusted. This and other new information makes the new edition interesting.

The 125+ catalog pages cost 24.90 euros plus shipping and can be ordered under the menu RBnumisbooks Catalogs above.

Example Page 2nd edition "Die Deutschen Banknoten Kaiserreich 1874 bis 1918" Grebe/Holzbach

Example Page 2nd edition "Die Deutschen Banknoten Kaiserreich 1874 bis 1918" Grebe/Holzbach