Meet us at the following events:

  • 42. AFEP Paper Money Fair in Bagnolet near Paris on February 10, 2024 (with table)
  • 3. SNIIF Numismatic-Fair in Taverny near Paris on February 11, 2024 ( as sponsor with table)
  • 54. Numismata Munich at MOC from March 2nd - March 3rd, 2024 (with table)
  • Südwestfalenbörse in Siegen on April 6th 2024 (with table)
  • 1. CMC-Paris collectors fair in Condé-Sainte-Libiare near Paris from April 26th - April 28th, 2024 (as a sponsor with table)
  • 5. MIF PaperMoneyFair Maastricht at MECC from May 3rd - May 5th, 2024 (with table)
  • Münzbörse Wuppertal, Germany in Stadthalle Wuppertal on August 31st, 2024 (with table)

More events will follow!

Singapore P03dr replacement

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Goldbach, March 17. 24, 4 pm

We cordially invite you to the 1st CMC-Paris in Condé-Saint-Libiare near Paris from Friday April 26th, 2024 (Dealer Day) to Sunday April 28th, 2024!

For the first time, collectors and dealers will meet at the Château Arribas for a three-day collectors' fair. From postcards to toy cars to numismatics, everything a collector's heart desires will be available.

RBcurrency Germany will also be represented as one of the sponsors with a sales table in this beautiful castle.

Come visit us, we speak German, English, Polish and French at our table.

We look forward to seeing you!

RBcurrency Team Top Choice: Guatemala Un Peso 1896 - Pick S149

Serial Number 1

The English version is available !

Croatia said goodbye to the kuna at the turn of the year 2022 to 2023 and introduced the euro currency on January 1st, 2023. With the departure of the kuna, part of Croatia's monetary history is now a thing of the past. First circulated in their current form in 1994, many will be sad to see them disappear, including Australian-based numismatist Dusty Dragičević.

“A national currency is a powerful and symbolic projection of national identity, and that now belongs to history. I hope that Croatian leaders have thought carefully about this move to adopt the euro to ensure that this is the right decision for Croatia. I really like the look of the Kuna banknotes and I personally find the design of the Euros quite boring. Actually very boring,” he told us.

Dragičević has published a book on the history of Croatian banknotes in time for the euro changeover, which offers a fascinating and deep insight into Croatia's numismatic history, while at the same time not leaving the insight into Croatia's rich ancient history uncommented.

'Croatian Banknotes: A Standard Reference' is illustrated, as a soft cover edition, on over 175 full color pages, A4 size and covers all Croatian banknote issues from World War II to today, including all fantasy issues and proofs.

Our publishing department RBnumisbooks will now publish the German version of this unique work.

The price is € 39.90 plus shipping and can be pre-ordered directly from us.

The first publication under the name RBnumisbooks is now available!

Three years after the first variant catalog "Spezialkatalog der Deutschen Banknoten Kaiserreich 1874 to 1918" a second edition follows. The response to the first edition was overwhelming - to date, collectors have reported more than 1100 responses to number ranges, watermarks and combinations of block letters. That's more than one message per day!

This has led to a significantly better identification of the individual banknotes. The research has also been intensified in the last three years. A work like this is alive and will also benefit from reports by the collector community in the 2nd edition.

Other novelties of this edition include: official dates of the publications from the German Reichsanzeiger, exact numbers from the annual reports, which show the actual issues of the early notes up to 1876, the 6- and 7-digit variants are no longer listed as separate variants, but at the respective position of the printing sequence. Furthermore, the assignment of the 20 sheet numbers was added to the mourning note and the egg note from 1918, and much more.

The order of the notes still corresponds to the list according to Rosenberg, but the numbering has been adjusted. This and other new information makes the new edition interesting.

The 125+ catalog pages cost 24.90 euros plus shipping and can be ordered under the menu RBnumisbooks Catalogs above.

He's here !!!

After the first successful publication of RBnumisbooks, a renowned author contacted us for a catalog: Mr. Alfred Dießner has been working on his Billionenscheine catalog for some time. We will publish at the Sammlertreffen Heigenbrücken on November 19th 2022.

On over 360 colored pages in A5 format, the author lists well-known billion mark notes from the German Reichsbank, as well as emergency money issues during the high inflation period of 1923/1924 from A to Z.

Each with variants as well as value, this catalog will become the standard work of every collector of Billionenscheine. All relevant information has again been translated into English.

The catalog will cost €35.90 incl. VAT plus shipping

It can be ordered directly here by clicking on RBnumisbooks catalogs in the menu above.

Dealer requests welcome.

Goldbach 25th Jan.2023 COMING SOON : changed to 2nd half of 2024 !

The "Participation Catalogue" series continues. After the successful „Spezialkatalog der Deutschen Banknoten Kaiserreich 1874 bis 1918“, 2nd edition 2022, Grebe/Holzbach, the author Thomas Grebe has this time teamed up with two renowned collectors, Thomas Roßberg and Reinhard Tieste, to summarize the decades of preparatory work to publish the first edition of the „Spezialkatalog der Deutschen Banknoten Inflation 1919 bis 1923 Teil 1 von Mark und Millionen“.

In the past five years, all previous research has been compared by the team of authors and expanded by viewing tens of thousands of other inflation banknotes from private collections and dealer stocks.

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the 1923 inflation period in Germany, Part 1 of this colored A4 catalog again shows in tabular form all variants, circulation numbers and number ranges of the inflation banknotes from 50 marks 1919 (Ro.62) to 500 million marks 1923 (Ro.109).

All relevant texts were again translated into English to appeal also to international collector of German inflation banknotes.

The catalog is published by RBnumisbooks and is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

More details to come.

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